Monday, April 19, 2010

How To Conduct Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Type in the cell phone number or any unlisted number to Access Owner Information, their address, carrier or location details. Your search is 100% legal and confidential.

ex: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Have you ever received a call from a cell number and you was not sure of who it was? I have, and i'm familiar with the frustration. Or maybe you did not like the caller who who called you with a cellphone number you was not able to identify . Nowadays it's not an obstacle any more. You can use several sites offering a reverse cell phone lookup to find a person making these anonymous calls. It is very fast, reliable and you do not have to leave flat.

You can also use it as a very powerful tool for locating people - maybe a relative or person you have not seen for ages. If in fact you are looking for a specific person you'd be wise to use a paid service, you are almost guaranteed to receive positive results. All you need is the person's name.

Firstly it is impossible to find any free listings for cellphone numbers. So do not bother, you will not find any reverse cell phone number directory or a reverse cell phone book. This kind of information is unavailable for free. However, there is a free way you can utilize to track down a cellphone number and discover who is the mystery caller and that is by utilizing search engine such as Yahoo, Bing, Google. You can also try to use Social Networks like, or, there is plenty more of such places.

Search The Free Reverse Phone Directories

If you are certain that the number you are trying to track down is a landline telephone number, perhaps go and use one of the free reverse phone directories, some of the most frequently used are -,,,

How to use Goolge for Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Sometimes users aren't careful enough and they share their cell numbers in variety of places, mostly in forum posts, chat boards, discussion groups or social networks. There is a possibility that if it's the case, then Yahoo, Google or MSN have indexed it :

* Just try typing the number in Google search box: xxx-xxx-xxxx, xxx xxx xxxx or without area code xxx-xxxx and
look for any results

* Also use words like "my number", "my phone", "my mobile", "my cell" etc., to further filter the results

* If still you can find no results, go to other mentioned sites -,, etc., you never know

Premium Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

Let's keep in mind that most cell numbers cannot be discovered in this manner, in which case you would have to use one of the premium services to trace the owner of a cell phone number. We mentioned that there are no free reverse cell phone search services. By using a paid search you are guaranteed to get results as some vendors possess massive data collections of US cellphone numbers. Of course there's also 100% money-back guarantee, it's totally risk-free, so there is nothing to loose.